Grand vin de bordeaux


A sensory pearl, the best of Bourdieu

Château Bourdieu Absolu is the product of a long reflection, an amalgam of both experience and dream. Mothered in the best plots, single grapes are carefully sorted out one by one, then the wine is matured respecting the wine-making traditions of the Great Bordeaux Wines.

The subtle and delicate processing has created this sensory pearl, which will delight the wine-lover time after time.


L’Audacieux, a great Bordeaux wine

Château Bourdieu N°1 is an audacious wine. It is with this wine that Luc Schweitzer has grasped the potential of the Bourdieu soils.

Far from being a micro-vintage, N°1 denotes elegance according to Luc Schweitzer: soils on sunny hillsides and an abundance of a delicate woody aroma. A balanced wine but nevertheless startling, true to its roots and at the image of the winegrower.


The authentic, the delight for those who are passionate.

Château Bourdieu Tradition is a vintage characterized by freshness, roundness, smoothness and a red berries bounty. A wine devoid of affectedness, in the pure style of Blaye. An authentic wine.

Château Bourdieu

User-friendly, love of good taste.

The most classical vintage of Château Bourdieu presents a fruity wine, lithe and respecting the requirements of the terroir and the appellation. An ode to the Merlot and to the Blaye traditional wines, it is definitely a party wine.

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