Château Bourdieu


A childhood dream becoming reality

On his way to the boarding school, each week, Luc Schweitzer drove past the Château Bourdieu. When he became a winegrower, following his parents’ steps, he decided to buy this property in 1993. The expert winegrower notices the quality of the argilo-calcareous soil.

Quickly, he takes some measures at the same level of his ambition carrying out great works. At the end of the first harvest, he has a new cellar built, parallel to the old one, extending the surface to 12002 meters. As, to quote Luc Schweitzer, to work with an up-to-date and at the cutting-edge production line to fulfill his objectives.

une sélection des plus beaux terroirs

A selection of the best soils

Keen and wishing to be remarked by the quality of his wine, Luc Schweitzer decides to enlarge his vineyard, 49.42 acres at the time. With the addition of high quality plots bought on the Berson parish, the vineyard now counts 185,33 acres and it is cultivated owing to his owner’s ambition : bring the best of its trademark.

Strengthened by these new purchases, Luc Schweitzer launches in 2000 the vintage N°1 whose grapes are selected in the finest plots on the vineyard.

une sélection des plus beaux terroirs

One family

From one generation to the others, the enthusiasm for the wine endures.

If both his sons, Richard and Ludovic, have always gone along and helped Luc Schweitzer on the estate, they had not strait away considered looking after the family vineyard.

"Much younger, we hadn’t decided to ensure continuity. It’s through maturity and experience that the beauty and the grandeur of the winegrower’s job really struck us.”

une sélection des plus beaux terroirs

“Perfection does not exist, but we will always tend towards it, by working with the same yearning.”

Ludovic Schweitzer
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