Terms and conditions of sale

Château Bourdieu – Vignobles Luc Schweitzer

33390 Berson – (Gironde) France

Tél : 05 57 42 68 71    Fax: 05 57 42 69 40

Orders :

We will confirm receipt of your orders.

Availability :

We reserve the right to amend or cancel your order before the goods are dispatched if the goods are no longer in stock. Orders will be confirmed and items reserved. Lesser quantities will be delivered only if the firm agrees to it by a confirmation note.

Property Rights :

All payments must be made when the order is placed. We will not reserve or dispatch goods before payment is received. Once the payment is credited in the bank, the goods become the client’s ownership.

Payment :

Products are invoiced in Euros and prices displayed on the website include VAT. Payment can be made by cheque or by bank transfer when the order is placed.

Delivery :

Delivery occurs when the items are delivered to the delivery address you specified when placing your order. At this point, responsibility for loss, breakage and damage passes to you. All deliveries must be signed for. If you take delivery of a package and the contents have been damaged, write on the delivery note the details and send it by Registered Post to us. 

Returned Items :

Wine is a perishable item ! Its quality depends on its keep. The bottles cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded without our previous written consent and only, if the blame should be placed on us.

Delivery charge in euros, all taxes included  (TTC):

_ for a “minimum” of 6 bottles  —–>     28€ TTC delivery charge

_ up to 12 bottles                  —–>     30€ TTC delivery charge

_ up to 24 bottles                  —–>     34€ TTC delivery charge

_  up to 36 bottles                  —–>     39€ TTC delivery charge

_  up to 48 bottles                  —–>     43€ TTC delivery charge

_  up to 60 bottles                  —–>     48€ TTC delivery charge

_  up to 84 bottles                  —–>     64€ TTC delivery charge

_  up to 96 bottles                  —–>     68€ TTC delivery charge

_  up to 120 bottles                —–>     77€ TTC delivery charge

Prices are available only for deliveries within France.

Please contact us, if you wish to order more than 121 bottles.

Age and Alcohol Restrictions:

We only sell items to adults (i.e. those aged 18 or over). By law we cannot sell products containing alcohol to persons under the age of 18. By placing an order with us it is confirmation that you are of legal age.

Property rules :

According to the law: N° 80-335 du 12/05/1980, wines remain our property until they are fully paid for.