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Château Bourdieu

The Château Bourdieu counts among the oldest vineyards in the Blaye region, where the first signs of vine crops have appeared under Roman domination, 50 years BC.
Built in 1464, the Château Bourdieu, situated on a promontory observing the medieval tradition of building the manor house on top of a hill, overlooks the vineyard.  Until the XVIIIth century, several Court Judges ruling in the region owned the estate. It’s from that time, that the wines produced on the property became a trade staple with America and with England.
Luc Schweitzer, the fifth generation of a particularly dynamic family of winegrowers, carries on the tradition and makes you discover his wines, matured with love, passion and time-honoured methods.
His two sons, Richard and Ludovic, are joining the management team, adding just the right amount of innovation and modernity to make the utmost of the outstanding territory.

Blaye, Côtes de Bordeaux

First Greek then Roman settlements, planted vines in the Blaye region, long before vines were planted in the Medoc region. As time went past, the vineyard came closer to the Blaye harbour, where it would be shipped away. In 1938, the first quality label: AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) Premières Côtes de Blaye was created, setting quality requirements such as, yields control, grape varieties, natural alcoholic percentage, and so on. In 1980, the young winegrowers got together to create the Maison du Vin de Blaye. More information on : http://www.vin-blaye.com

To enhance the visibility of this wine, the ‘Premières Côtes de Blaye’ became in 2008 Blaye, Côtes de Bordeaux !

Growing vines

Close to the Gironde estuary, our vineyard is planted with the traditional red grape varieties typical of Bordeaux red wines, such as Merlot, Cabernet franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec and they create a subtle harmony growing on a mix of lime, clay, gravel and sandy soil. Our vineyard is tilled according to traditions and respect of the environment, as it is our livelihood. Our daily purpose is to maintain it at its best. All our efforts and thoughts concur to grow grapes of the best quality with the greatest respect for the environment. Our attention is centred on careful pruning, meticulous bud pruning and complete bunch thinning to emphasize the boon of the sun on the grapes. All these cares ensure the single goal of producing excellent qualityThe wine is the son of the sun and the earth. It is the sum of our focused know-how, which transforms the grapes into a perfect harvest, the all year through.


Traditional winemaking

Billions of small grape berries are selected, sorted and crushed, then put into fermentation vats, according to time-honoured methods. During the vintage stage, the must ferments from 6 to 8 days then it is left to macerate for about 5 weeks. The aim is to keep the juice, pips and pulp in contact for the longest time possible in order to get the best juice extraction which will give our wine its rich colour and its complex structure. Our cellar is entirely equipped with stainless steel vats fitted with thermal gauges in order to keep a close control on temperatures during the fermentation. We convey all our expertise and rigorous care to charm your taste buds with the natural quality of our wines.


Following the 5 weeks maceration, some wines are stocked in new oak barrels carefully selected from our French supplier in order to age. Our wines age from 12 to 14 months like the world-famous prestigious Bordeaux wines.

Our Wines

Château Bourdieu N° 1

Château Bourdieu N°1 2010

The Château Bourdieu N°1 has a dark red colour with ruby-red highlights. Its nose is complex and intense with expressive red-berry fruit aromas such as black currant, blackberry and redberry as well as hints of toasty flavours. The initial impression on the palate is soft, rich and round with nice round tannins. The aftertaste features a fruity paroxysm.
The Château Bourdieu N°1 2010 is a truly well-balanced, elegant and luscious wine and is available to delight you by its aromatic generosity.

Food and Wine pairing : it will make a magnificent accompaniment with all varieties of roasted meats or meat stews and also cheeses.

It is presently drinkable and the ideal serving temperatures are between 16° to 18°.

Wine Awards:

Gold medal with the Gilbert & Gaillard Guide 2013

Grand prix d’Excellence in The Vinalies Nationales 2012 (oenologist tasters)

Château Bourdieu Tradition

Château Bourdieu 2012 Tradition

The Château Bourdieu traditionally made has a deep ruby-red colour. The complex bouquet features aromas of fruit that would tease your sensations. On the palate, the blend of red berries (blackcurrant and redberry) turns this wine into a pleasant, round and smooth drink.

Food and Wine pairing : it can be served as an aperitif and it will perfectly match grilled meats and salads. 

It is drinkable now and the ideal serving temperatures are between 16° to 18°.

Château Bourdieu aged in oak barrels

Château Bourdieu 2012 Elevé en Fût de Chêne

The Château Bourdieu aged in oak barrels has a brilliant deep red colour. The nose is powerful and fruity (blackcurrant and blackberry) with woody and grilled fragrances. Attractive and well-structured on the palate, a touch of vanilla adds to the elegant and somewhat smoky aromas.

Food and Wine pairing : it will perfectly match foie gras, game, fish, red meat and   strong cheese. 

It is presently drinkable and the ideal serving temperatures are between 16° to 18°.

It can call for further ageing until 2020.

Château Bourdieu BIB

Château Bourdieu BIB 2014

The Bag-In-Box from the Château Bourdieu is a dark brilliant crimson colour. It is powerful and full-bodied leaving an aftertaste of very pleasant spicy aromas that discloses its mellowness.

Food and Wine pairing : it can be served as an aperitif and it will pair fish, meats, foie gras, salads and an assortment of cheese.

Keep the BIB in the fridge and take it out half-an-hour before the meal.


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